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About Us

Imperfect: [im-pur-fikt] a. of, pertaining to, or characterized by defects.

Society: [suh-sahy-i-tee] n. a highly structured system of human organizations for large-scale community living that normally furnishes protection, continuity, security, and a national identity for its members.


Imperfect Society is a progressive brand based out of Dallas. Started in September, 2009, Imperfect Society has developed a loyal following and is currently seeking to create innovative designs.

Imperfect Society exemplifies "awareness" thinking and continuous improvement. Just like we strive to continually improve upon our products, our work also strives to inspire others to challenge themselves daily. It doesn’t matter where you’ve been or where you come from, we all can achieve greatness.

So what are you waiting for?

Change society.


1850 Hatherly Drive
Plano, TX 75023

Phone: 1 (469) 432-6501                  

Fax: 1 (972) 881-7329

Business Hours
8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.
Monday through Friday

URL: www.imperfectsociety.com

Email: weborder@imperfectsociety.com

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