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Custom Made Paracord Motorcycle Get Back Whip

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The modern day “motorcyclists” are the “cowboys” of the past, having traded in their horses for ones forged out of metal. A lot has changed but the core fundamentals remain the same. Riders wearing leather chaps ride on leather saddles. Hands firmly grasp the handle bars with throttle, clutch, & brake cables in place of the reins that controlled the horse. Gear is securely cinched down on the bike or placed in saddle bags, ready to hit the open road.

My paracord “Get Back Whips” are designed after the ropes used to tie up the horse. Tying up a horse that doesn’t want to be confined can be a dangerous thing; especially if the horse breaks free, this is represented by the frayed ends at the bottom of the whip. Just above the fray is a 1" steel ball/bearing wrapped in a monkeys fist knot. The horse tack panic snap makes this whip readily accessible for those “Get Back” situations. Let your iron horse ride free and let one of these whips fly on your clutch and/or break lever. My whips are custom made pieces uniquely weaved by hand for each customer with genuine American made 550 paracord. Designs & patterns may be similar but no two are exactly alike. The process starts with 64’ of paracord and ends with a work of art. In the event of an emergency you can undue the knots on the whip and have plenty of paracord available. Please allow for up to 1 week for delivery after purchase.  I have or can get most primary and popular colors.